Founder's Message

Thank you for visiting Techeva.

Being the founder of Techeva gave me remarkable opportunities to live my dreams. It allowed me to design a vision for what I think a business should look like and how it should function without baggage, history, or constraints. I established values with unique meaning and set out on that course.

With time, Techeva's vision will come true and take shape soon. I know that with the right squad, we could construct an award-winning company with a culture that keeps our people joyful and engaged. I also discovered that achieving the vision to the fullest would be a voyage that would never end because Techeva is alive and will continue to develop.

At Techeva, we are a high-performing team with heart. Our diverse community works together to support and transform the companies the world relies on. When we are not creating game-changing digital solutions for clients, we are enhancing lives elsewhere by volunteering in local communities, enabling inclusion through our employee affinity groups, and so much more.

Our squad is as high-caliber as caring, humble, and supportive of one another. We believe that constant improvement is the stimulus for growth and innovation. As a result, we deliver the support, flexibility, and opportunities that all levels of associates need to take their lives and careers to new places.

OUR MISSION: We handle every project by understanding its core objective and transforming visions into reality in all aspects. We take every requirement of the clients precisely and mold it into a valuable and robust software product.

OUR VISION: Every choice aligns with our vision - to become the pre-eminent technology services partner to the world's top companies.

OUR PURPOSE: Every choice aligns with our vision - to become the pre-eminent technology services partner to the world's top companies.

  • We engineer modern businesses to enhance everyday life.
  • To boost human potential and create the next opportunity for businesses, people, and communities.

OUR VALUES: Our core values are our fundamental and enduring tenets, not to be compromised for financial gain or short-term expediency. Accordingly, we will not swing with trends and fads or shift in response to varying market conditions.

  • We execute what we say we are going to do.
  • We work with integrity.
  • We work as a team - locally and globally.
  • We believe in stewardship and creating a sustainable business that helps our communities.

I launched Techeva to make a home for those of us who commit to our multi-disciplinary careers and diverse experiences to enhance the legal industry. It is our place to 'make a mark in the universe.' We value and enjoy our relationships with like-minded people throughout the legal community. We discover deep satisfaction in seeing our beliefs, innovations, and plain hard work result in real progress in the lives and careers of our professionals.

We are thankful to the many colleagues and customers who have worked with us and are fortunate to work with you again. Thank you for being so supportive.

We look forward to creating new relationships and working with new colleagues, customers, and partners in the years ahead.

We Deliver: We are careful about our commitments to our customers and each other. We care for each other and foster a culture of inclusion and belonging.

We Care: We listen to our customer's requirements and support them in solving their business problems. Respectively, our work positively influences our personal lives and the lives of our families.

To understand Techeva, you must look beyond our growth, systems, and contracts. Techeva is a company of leaders that puts people at the center of winning solutions. None of Techeva's triumphs could have been possible without a leadership team characterized by innovation, commitment, brilliance, and collaboration. From the leaders that joined me initially, who are leading executives in Techeva today, to the various leaders we have attracted over the years, I would match this leadership team against any globally.

We are delighted about the next leg of Techeva's journey, which includes constant innovation to strengthen our offerings to meet our customers' necessities better and propel us to the next level. We will continue to expand, always keeping an eye on the people. Stay tuned!

Satheesh Agatheeswaran
Founder & Managing Director
Techeva IT Solution Pvt. Ltd.